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What's new!

2023.5.20 A new function "Evolutionary characterization of Ptep genes has been added in Pt_spider Genome Database v.3.
2022.4.30 Single-cell/nucleus RNA-seq data have been added in Pt_spider Genome Database v.3.
2021.9.30 The Pt_spider Genome Database has been updated to version 3.
2021.7.20 Lecture slides used by Hiroki Oda in ISP2021 Osaka Univ are available from this link.
2021.4.28 A new BLAST search page was launched, whose databases consist of publicly available sequences from various spider species (see below). 2020.9.10 Our paper was published that included a set of genome-scale data obtained from hh, ptc and msx1 pRNAi embryos. These have been embeded in the genome browsers. Go to the article.
2020.9.10 "Library of data tables" page was created.
2020.3.16 A new function becomes available, which enables extraction of numeric data from the datasets deposited in GEO. Try an example to crick "Go to the datasets."
2019.8.30 RNAseq data on regions of the germ disc, which was obtained by Sawa Iwasaki-Yokozawa (unpublished), has been added in the Ptep1.0 genome browser. If interested to use it, contact us.
2019.8.14 The image/movie database updated. Click the words below! Try "time-lapse movies."
2018.11.5 A first version of our image/movie database is available.
2018.9.29 A link to "Insect Interaction Database" was added on this top page (see below).
2018.6.29 Iwasaki's developmental RNA-seq data were published.
2018.4.16 An "Image Library" page has opened. Our hh-stripes paper was published.
2018.1.25 Ptep2.0 browser was launched with aug3 and NCBI Annotation Release 101 incorporated.
2017.11.28 Genome browser has been installed.
AUG3 trascript search has been linked to the genome browser.
2017.7.31 A paper on the genome of the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum has been published.
2017.6.17 Our paper on the evolution of classical cadherin genes in arthropods has been published.
2017.6.8 The arthropod genome/RNA databases were updated.

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Adult female of the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Ptep_spider Genome Database version 3

This database consists of a collection of genome-scale datasets obtaned from the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum, which has been widely recognized as a model chelicerate arthropod for studying developmental biology and evolutionary biology. The core datasets are the genome sequence assemblies and gene models that were produced by Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center (BCM-HGSC) and the spider genome research community Schwager et al. (2017). An increasing volume of genome-scale datasets that we have obtained in our laboratory at JT Biohistory Research Hall is also included, which may be useful for a wide range of researches involving this spider species.

Left:Hemmi et al. 2018 Right:Akiyama-Oda and Oda (2010)

Pt_spider Image/Movie Database

This database is our collection of images and movies from the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum and other spiders.
Click the words you like, and you can see lists of related images/movies.
[time-lapse movies] [pRNAi phenotypes] [Cell labeling] [delta RNAi microarray] [ptc+dpp double RNAi microarray] [mesoderm] [endoderm] [cumulus] [head]

BLAST against arthropod genome/RNA databases

Our collection includes NGS sequences of the isopod sea slater Ligia exotica and the decapoda freshwater shrimp Caridina multidentata.

BLAST to various spider sequences available from GenBank

This site may help to search sequences from various spider species in an efficient way. The database sequences are from genome or transcriptome assemblies or short reads archives (SRAs) available from GenBank. The SRAs were processed through Trinity de novo assembling.

InsectInDB: Insect Interaction Database for integrating chemical ecology and genomics

BRH, together with collaborators in several other institutes, is studying butterfly-host plant networks. This database is a product of the collaboration, which is described in Muto-Fujita et al. (2017).

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